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Welcome to the Official Acta Sanctorum
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Acta Sanctorum is a friendly guild found on DDO on the Kyber Server.  We enjoy running together, leveling, grinding and just goofing off.  If you are interested in joining us send an in game mail or tell to Genghisken, Ghoulash, Fatherabbot, Grinon, Jusron, or Lucatmi!
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Acta Sanctorum
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Splatrock, Aug 29, 12 4:25 PM.
Raids that do not require flagging:
        Chronoscope (lv6 + epic) - Devil Assault pack
        Tempest Spine (lv10) - free to play
        Hound of Xoriat (lv18) - Vale of Twilight pack
        A Vision of Destruction (lv18) - Vale of Twilight pack

Raids that require flagging:
        Plane of Night/ Vault of Night (lv10 + epic) - Vault of Night pack
        Twilight Forge/ Titan Awakes (lv11/12) - Restless Isles pack
        Zawabi's Revenge (lv12 + epic) - Demon Sands pack
        Reaver's Fate (lv14) - Ruins of Gianthold pack
        Shroud (lv17) - Vale of Twilight pack
        Ascension Chamber (lv17) - Necropolis IV pack    
        Master Artificer (lv19 + epic) - Secrets of the Artificer pack
        Tower of Despair (lv20) - Devils of Shavarath pack
        Lord of Blades (lv20 + epic) - Secrets of the Artificer pack
        Caught in the Web (lv24(epic only)) - Menace of the Underdark expansion



Rizoulette, Apr 4, 12 1:56 AM.
Regrettably, I am leaving the guild on bad terms. I wish it didn't have to end this way, but the guild was getting ridiculous with their rules and regulations. I apologize for insulting Jusron, but part of me feels like he deserved it, too. I also apologize for leaving my beloved fellow guildies because of something that seems very trivial. I already had several crap to deal with in deal life, and the guild drama in itself did not help my mood from time to time, especially when I am pressured to do something when I am also in the 'senioritus' phase at the near end of my highschool career. That phase, the drama in my life, college things, and the guild drama all built up to this decision. I only stayed previously because your good leader, Chasiel, persuaded me to; but even then, even his friendly words cannot keep me from falling apart. I'm sorry, but I'm sick of this guild. It used to be different, when it was only a medium guild, when I joined. Understandably, people get busy, and new, unfamiliar recruits join, so I guess it all crumbled for me.

I would argue, but it is pointless when all ears are shut.

Run the guild, make Genghis proud. I cannot fufill my duty as officer, thus resigning from the position, and therefore banishing myself from the guild, due to the lack of uh.. 'Socialness'. I desire independence and freedom of choice.


Genghis Sabbatical

fatherabbot, Mar 4, 12 8:53 AM.
As most of you are likely aware by now I have stepped down as leader of Acta Sanctorum and have pretty much left the game entirely.  This was naturally a difficult decision to make as I have been playing for 2.5 years and have been leading Acta Sanctorum for over 2 years.  However, it is not for lack of desire to play or to go play a new game.  It is to free up time to devote to my new Custom Motorcycle Key biz ( ) and so while I am sad to miss playing with you all each day, I am also excited at the new real life opportunity that has been presented.  You are all welcome to stay in contact with me in r/l and my e-mail is my home phone number is still the same (not going to put that up here for the spam-bots to grab).  I will miss leading you, and ask that each and every one of you show Chasiel the same respect and love you have all shown me.  Thank you for being my friends!


To all my beloved guildies in Acta Sanctorum

doc_english, Feb 22, 12 10:53 PM.
I am sad to say that i'm resigning as your first officer and leaving Acta Sanctorum. I am going to start my own guild, The Saga of Dune, and will be allied with Acta Sanctorum. Muahdiib and all his toons will be ready and willing to run with each and every one of you as I am able.
Genghisken has been the best person to start this game with. He made it alot of fun even when we we're cussing all the way through a quest. I could not have asked for a better friend. You made this game your own.
Chasiel is one of the most formidable players of this game also, even when he was getting my but kicked all over the server. I will be running with him for a very long time to come.
Grinon is one of the best healers i know. I accually wish my healers were that good. Now Grinon, all you have to do is grow into the leader that you can be.
To all the guildies that i've recruited, your in the best guild on the server that you can be in. That's why i recruited you into Acta Sanctorum. As long as your logging in and questing, your in the right place for it. SO STAY THERE! I want each and everyone of you to help grow Acta Sanctorum larger than life.
I leave the guild with a heavy heart but there's a bright horizon ahead. I'm going to do my best to bring you an ally that will both be formidable and an asset to Acta Sanctorum. Everyone of you have meant a great deal to me and i take the memories i have with me to build on.
So in conclusion, and if i don't see you before then, good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight, and treat each other the best that you can.                                                                                                          
                                                                                                Truely, sincerly, and with love

Acta Sanctorum hits Level 60!!

fatherabbot, Oct 29, 11 11:45 AM.
Congratulations to the Guild known as Acta Sanctorum for achieving the Guild Rank of 60!  Was announced Server-wide on Khyber in the wee hours of Saturday morning/Friday Night.  A resounding cheer arose from the surprising amount of Guild members that were on during that time and congratulations streamed in from guild friends and allies throughout the remaining evening. 

I remember when guild renown was first introduced in the game, and level 60 seemed like such an unachievable goal for a small guild.  That was well over a year ago and we've had lots of ups and downs, but the main thing that has remained consistent is the dedication and drive active guild members have exhibited when it comes to guild renown. 

I want to take a moment to remind guild members that while no one single person levels the guild to 60, no guild would level to 60 without the individuals that grab that Heroic Deeds, or the Tales of Valor when they are out and about.  Without you, there would be no guild at all!!  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

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